Laser Hair Removal

Nu Laser Hair Removal offers the best laser hair removal services in the Boca Raton. What makes Nu the best, you may ask? Nu Laser Hair Removal uses the High Speed LightSheer DUET laser. Not only is the laser itself superior, but all treatments are supervised by a certified medical doctor. The result is prompt, effective and permanent hair reduction in a personalized and safe environment.

Laser Hair Removal Services

  • Either Back or Front of Neck
  • Happy Trail
  • Areola
  • Either Hands or Feet
  • Ears
  • Beard
  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Upper Arms
  • Forearms
  • Shoulders
  • Stomach or Lower Back
  • Bikini
  • Upper Legs
  • Lower Legs
  • Brazilian Bikini
  • Upper Back
  • Full Arms
  • Full Legs
  • Full Body

Most people are insecure about having unwanted hair. Some are very shy about excessive body hair, and many women are plagued with unwanted facial hair. This means that clients often come in to Nu Laser Hair Removal’s office uneasy and nervous. It’s OK! A safe and comfortable environment, along with the utmost professionalism is NU’s response to this issue.

Because the laser treatments are outpatient procedures, it can be done at the person’s convenience and NU Laser Hair’s availability. There is little to no recovery time for most patients, and they are able to carry on with regular activities for the rest of the day. Every case is unique, though, so all medical advice given should be carefully heeded.

Choosing Nu Laser Hair Removal’s services is a significant decision, and it can provide a true lifestyle change for a man or woman. Imagine a life without having to constantly deal with unwanted hair! If you are ready for your change, call Nu Laser Hair Removal today, or fill out our contact form to receive your free consultation.

Not only does Nu Laser Hair Removal provide superior laser hair treatments, but also also botox treatments.